Marine litter represents one of the highest challenges that humanity is currently facing. Thus they have established as one of the strategic lines in the new horizons set by European and international politics.

The complexity of the problem and its global nature requires the coordination and involvement of various sector of the society: Scientists, administrations, industrial and productive sector, consumers, non-governmental entities, etc.

The Spanish Marine Litter Association (AEBAM) was founded with a goal to unifying efforts of different entities and groups related to the environment to improve and plan different lines of work that promote the management of this problem at national, European and international level.

As one of the founding challenges of AEBAM highlights the generation of Forums that bring together actors from different sectors to unify criteria of action and serve to establish common route lines in the solution of the problem.

The international forum on marine litter that attracts the interest of different European and international regions is proposed and established as a reference tool and a conciliatory element among different sectors. That can act directly or indirectly in the improvement of the marine litter management through a better knowledge of the problem at the international level and the exploration of ways to recover space and waste, within the framework of the concept of Circular Economy.

The Forum will have about 250 participants among main sectors like:

– Public administrations: representatives of the international conventions on the protection of the marine environment, representatives of actions of the United Nations in the European seas, representatives of the southern Mediterranean countries.

– Research:  Representatives of leading marine litter projects in the European Union, representatives of the major research groups on this subject, representatives of the R & D + i initiatives in upcycling, reuse and valorisation of materials at the end of its lifetime.

– Business sector: representatives of emblematic companies in waste, recovery and recycle management, producers of different subdivisions, ecodesign …, at national and international level.

– Environmental conservation organisations: representatives of emblematic entities and leaders of large international projects in marine litter.

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